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Liscia Metallic Cordless Modern Table Lamp

Cordless Table Lamp - Ambient Metallic Waterproof Rechargeable Lamp

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Bring a modern flair to your space with this Contemporary Cordless Table Lamp. Featuring a sleek modern design and available in a stunning range of colors. This lamp will bring vibrancy and personality to any room!

No Ugly Cables! - This gorgeous lamp won't have any cables ruining its aesthetic. Cordless & rechargable. Allowing you to place this lamp anywhere without worrying about connecting it to a power source.

Dimmable - Choose between 4 brightness settings. Simply touch the top of the lamp with your finger and cycle through each brightness setting.

Water Resistance - With IP66 water resistance, the cordless lamp is an ideal outdoor lighting solution. The lower part of the grip is surface-treated to prevent slipping and sliding. Allowing you to carry it with ease and to ensure it stays in one place when put down.


Height: 28cm / 11.2 inches

Rechargable via the included USB type C charging cable.

Run time: Up to 25 hours

Charge time: 3-4 hours for full charge